Bureau of Computer Services Staff Christmas Party 2006

This past weekend we had the annual Christmas party for the department. Almost all staff were in attendance and everyone was allowed to bring one guest. We ate well, laughed, and had many a cool drink. It is always nice being with co-workers outside of the office. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves, some more so than others….The ones that got a bit too ‘relaxed’ (read: out of control) are still hiding from us this week.

Marco, Francois, and Alistair warming up for the big night.

Laurent (Director of Computer Services) and his wife.

We are losing one of our greatest veterans in the department, James. Laurent gives the speech and customary peace offering (Polytechnic garb).

Playing secret santa and opening our gifts.

Dj Webmaster, Romeo Sinkala.

Enjoying our Sunday in the sun around the pool!

Me and my invited guest Kimera.

One Response to “Bureau of Computer Services Staff Christmas Party 2006”

  1. Perien says:

    You guys certainly had a great time. They are a wonderful bunch of people and I still have fond memories from working at the Bureau of Computer Services. I personally thought Laurent was a great boss.

    Enjoy your time there.

    Perien Boer

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