Chili Party

I have a fantastic chili recipe from my Mother. Chili is a winter food, and its getting cool here at night so I thought it appropriate to whip up a big batch of dirty old chili!! This particular chili recipe includes 4 oz. of Tequila and freshly ground orange juice and grated peel. These were new ingredients to me, but they melded quite well into the pot. I cooked this for about 4 hours, so it was really a nice treat. My dinner quests had never experienced chili before, so it was nice to get their take on this southern dish.

“Gringo’s Tequila!” I only understood what exactly this meant after I got it home. Go home gringo!!! Next time I’ll stick with Jose Quiervo.

Desmond and Kimera relaxing after dinner.

Kimera and I.

Couldn’t help getting down after we had digested. A couple shots of tequila helped!

Kimera, Desmond and Talita.

We decided to go out after relaxing for a bit. Desmond’s cousin was having a graduation party in Katatura, so we crashed. It was a lively event! We then hit a small sha’been in Katatura for a quick beer. After that we went to the night club where Talita works for some dancing. It was a slow night though, so we did not stay too late.

2 Responses to “Chili Party”

  1. mr says:

    ain’t nuttin quite like DIRTY chili!! word to Talita!!

  2. Desmond says:

    This guys are hot are they Namibians? U guys looked like are coming from a fashion show for real yo!!!!!!

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