Returning to Nanaimo by Seaplane

I had a lovely few days in Vancouver!  Its a very livable city: with tons of parkland, culture, restaurants, and lovely people.  A couple things that really stood out for me:

The transportation system in Vancouver should be commended: buses run on electric power just like Toronto’s streetcars but with no tracks!; all of the tickets are obtained through ticket machines so no crabby ticket agents; and the subway trains seem to run without drivers, indicating a computerized transit system.

The city is very much tourist friendly with lots of helpful maps and street signs.

There is tons of parkland in Vancouver, and I am sure I only scratched the surface.  But having things like Stanley Park and Granville Island so close to the city centre really makes a difference.  Not to mention the ocean playground which surrounds the city and mountain playground within an hour of the city.

But it was time to head back to Nanaimo and fortunately I had a flight booked on a seaplane.  The seaplane trip from downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo only takes 15 minutes!  I caught the last flight of the day at 6pm.  I was a bit nervous initially, but was amazed at how smooth the whole experience was.

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