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A selection of my research outputs (updated October 8, 2014):


Paskevicius, M. (2011). Student perceptions of the reuse of digital educational materials: A case study of the social outreach group SHAWCO.  Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Philosophy (Education and ICT).  School of Education, Graduate School in Humanities, University of Cape Town.  PDF


Paskevicius, M. & Hodgkinson-Williams, C (2014). Framework to Understand Postgraduate Students’ Adaptation of Academics’ Teaching Materials as Open Educational Resources. In Open Educational Resources and Social Networks: Co-Learning and Professional Development Edited by Okada, A. Scholio Educational Research & Publishing, London, 2014.

Paskevicius, M. (2013). Student perceptions of the reuse of open educational resources: A case study of the social outreach group SHAWCO in Cape Town, South Africa.  EdMedia 2013: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology РJun 24-27, 2013 РVictoria, British Columbia.  Available online.

Hodgkinson-Williams, C.A., Paskevicius, M., Cox, G., Donnelly, S., Czerniewicz, L. & Lee-Pan, S. (2012). 365 Days of Openness: The Emergence of OER at the University of Cape Town. In R. McGreal, W. Kinuthia, S. Marshall & McNamara, T. (Eds.) Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning: Open Educational Resources: Innovation, Research and Practice.  Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University, Vancouver, 2013.  Available online.

Hodgkinson-Williams, C.A. & Paskevicius, M. (2012). ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs part of my campaign‚ÄĚ: Using Perceived Attributes as a framework to understand postgraduate students‚Äô adaption of academics‚Äô teaching materials as OER. In Proceedings of Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact ‚Äď Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education, a joint meeting of OER12 and OpenCourseWare Consortium Global 2012. Cambridge, UK.

Hodgkinson-Williams, C. & Paskevicius, M. (2012). The role of postgraduate students in co-authoring open educational resources to promote social inclusion: a case study at the University of Cape Town. Distance Education Vol. 33, No. 2, August 2012, 253 ‚Äď269.

Hodgkinson-Williams, CA, Paskevicius, M. (2012). ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs not their job to share content‚ÄĚ: A case study of the role of senior students in adapting teaching and learning materials as open educational resources at the University of Cape Town. E-Learning and Digital Media, Volume 10 Number 2 2013.

Paskevicius, M. (2010). Conversations in the cloud: The use of blogs to support learning in higher education. Submitted towards completion of Learning, Cognition and Technology Course at UCT. PDF

Paskevicius, M. (2009). The Potential for Education 3.0 in a Developing Context using Giddens’ Structuration Theory.  Submitted towards completion of Educational ICTs for Developing Contexts Course at UCT.  PDF and presentation

Conferences and Workshops

Paskevicius, M (2015) Mobile Technology Integration in an Applied Science Program: Forestry goes Paperless.  Education Technology Users Group, Spring Workshop 2015.  Vancouver, Canada.

Irvine, V., Paskevicius, M., Symmons, J., McCue, R. & Little, T.  (2015) Mainstreaming Multi-Access Learning and Open Education.  Education Technology Users Group, Spring Workshop 2015.  Vancouver, Canada.

Paskevicius, M. & Bortolin, K. (2014) Reflections on Using a Blended Format to Design a New Faculty Scholars Program. International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association Conference 2014. Anchorage, Alaska.

Paskevicius, M. & Bortolin, K. (2014). Blending our Practice: Using Online and Face-to-Face Methods to Engage Faculty in a One Year Professional Development Program. Educational Developers Caucus 2014, University of Calgary, Alberta.

Paskevicius, M. & Butterworth, C. (2014). Pedagogical Design of Learning Technologies in theClassroom: New and Emerging Tools for Faculty and Student Learning. Educational Developers Caucus 2014 , University of Calgary, Alberta.

Paskevicius, M. (2013). Rolling out streaming video on campus: VIU’s experience with Kaltura.  Educational technology users group  (ETUG) Spring Workshop 2013,  Vancouver, British Columbia.  Presentation

Paskevicius, M. & Knaack, L. (2012). Changing Learning Management Systems and Changing The Way We Teach & Learn. British Columbia Desire2Learn Regional User Forum. November 16, 2012, Vancouver.  Presentation

Paskevicius, M. & Deacon, A. (2012). Introduction to Learning Analytics Workshop.  e/merge 2012 Open to Change. Online conference July, 2012.

Paskevicius, M. (2012). Supporting innovation in educational technology by enabling open educational practices.  Educational technology users group  (ETUG) Spring Workshop 2012,  Vancouver, British Columbia.  Presentation

Paskevicius, M. & Deacon, A. (2011). Visualising activity in learning networks using open data and educational analytics.  Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR) Forum 2011.  Cape Town, South Africa

Paskevicius, M. (2011). 365 Days of Openness: A behind the scenes look at the UCT OpenContent Initiative.  Teaching with Technology Seminar.  May 2011, Cape Town, South Africa.

Paskevicius, M. (2010). Open Teaching in a Digital Age: Becoming a Global Scholar. Paper and presentation at the eLearning Africa Conference 2010. May 2010, Lusaka, Zambia.

Paskevicius, M. (2010). Practicalities of Contributing to OpenContent.  Open Educational Resources Workshop at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.  April 2010, Cape Town, South Africa.

Hodgkinson-Williams, CA, Willmers, M & Paskevicius, M (2009). Open Educational Resources (OER) at UCT: Innovating Pedagogical Practices. HELTSA Colloquium, 6 October 2009, Granger Bay.  Presentation

Doyle, G. & Paskevicius, M. (2009). UCT Institutional OER Progress Presentation.  Health OER Inter-Institutional Workshop.  July 2009, Cape Town, South Africa.

Hodgkinson-Williams, C, Paskevicius, M & Brown, R. (2009). A Culture of Sharing: Open Education Resources: An introduction.  Teaching with Technology Seminar.  May 2009, Cape Town, South Africa.

Other Conference Involvement 

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Rising Powers Global Challenges and Social Change Initiative Network Symposium 2011, Cape Town, South Africa.  Handled all media and technical details for symposium.

GeekRetreat 2010.  Stanford Valley, South Africa.  Old Mutual GeekRetreat scholar.

OER Africa Conference 2009, Cape Town, South Africa.  Delegate from UCT.

Sakai Futures Conference 2009, Cape Town, South Africa – Attendee

Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR) Forum 2008.  Windhoek, Namibia.  Involved in planning and hosting of conference.

Southern African Association for Institutional Research (SAAIR) Forum 2007. Port Elizabeth, South Africa- Delegate from PoN

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Research by Michael Paskevicius is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.